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Conquer The Day

May 9, 2023

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

The takeaways & insights from Lindsey’s first ultra marathon.

Motivational lessons you can apply to your fitness journey.

How to push through and make the most of the highs & lows.


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Show Notes:

Ready, set, conquer the day! Today, we’re celebrating Lindsey’s first ever ultra marathon! Lindsey will go from co-host to guest interviewee as we explore the important lessons and insights she learned during the race. As we go, we’ll look back at the experience to talk about the pivots, mindset shifts, and affirmations Lindsey needed to push through and make the most of both the highs and the lows. We hope you’ll be able to take away value and motivation from this episode to apply to your own fitness journey. Whatever your personal finish line looks like, find out what it takes to cross it with a bang!

01:40 What are we celebrating today?

03:20 Defining ultra running.

05:20 What attracted you to ultra marathons?

09:55 How did your intentions change before the run?

13:25 What did you learn from the first loop?

16:55 What lesson surfaced during the second loop?

18:50 Pivoting your thought process towards success.

22:00 How did you push through the pain and what did you learn from it?

27:30 How did you train affirmations throughout the rest of the race?

29:10 Why did Brian join the race?

31:45 What did we learn from the experience of running together?

35:40 The final push.

39:00 What was it like to cross the finish line?

42:55 What are your final thoughts and insights?