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Conquer The Day

Mar 1, 2022

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • What a growth mindset is and how it differs from a fixed mindset and positive thinking.
  • How to change your mindset and maintain it.
  • Where you can apply a growth mindset into your life.
  • What to be mindful about when you have a growth mindset.


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Show Notes:

Do you want to know what real growth looks like? This episode, we have with us the amazing Kasey Jo Orvidas, an expert on all things mindset! We’re going over what a growth mindset is, how it differs from a fixed mindset, and what the benefits of having a growth mindset looks like. Then, we’ll discuss what you can do to not only change your mindset positively, but also apply it to different areas of your life for maximum success. If you want to learn how to focus on your personal growth, this is the episode for you! It’s time to stop faking a change and start making a change!

01:35 Guest starring the mindset expert, Kasey Jo, a certified fitness coach and psychologist!

02:50 What is a growth mindset?

05:00 Growth mindset versus fixed mindset.

06:05 How can you assess where you fall on the spectrum?

08:10 How do you react to feedback?

09:30 Perceiving setbacks.

11:00 How to view the success of others.

13:45 If you have a fixed mindset, how do you change it?

16:15 What should you do after becoming aware?

21:00 What is the difference between positive thinking and a growth mindset?

24:20 Why is positive thinking so popular?

26:35 How can we maintain growth and success?

30:55 How do you apply a growth mindset to other areas?

33:45 Taking strengths for granted.

36:15 What should you be mindful about concerning a growth mindset?

38:40 How do you make a change without blame?

41:05 How does having compassion towards yourself improve discipline?

44:20 What does a fixed mindset look like?

48:25 What is a mindset intervention, and how can it help someone?

52:40 What book has impacted your life the most?

54:05 What is your ideal day?

55:20 What do you need to conquer your day?