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Conquer The Day

Aug 10, 2021

Yoga can be so much more than physical movement. We are excited to share this conversation we had with tech career people turned yoga instructors, entrepreneurs, and minimalist world travelers, Bre and Flo Neidhammer. Bre and Flo each share how injuries introduced them to the healing power of yoga and brought them together igniting a spark of the idea for Breathe and Flow as well as the beautiful relationship they have now! In this episode, both Bre and Flow give incredible insight into what it really takes to let go of what isn’t serving their mission to pursue fulfillment for themselves and those they teach. From leaving their corporate jobs in Silicon Valley, to downsizing and becoming minimalists, Bre and Flo share so much about their journeys and share some great questions that can spark your own discovery for what you truly need in your life.


01:40 Meet Bre & Flo!

03:15 What does a yoga lifestyle really consist of?

05:00 Ways a yoga practice can benefit anyone and prepare you for life.

09:00 How did you get started into yoga?

11:00 The transition from treating injuries with yoga, to a holistic yoga practice.

14:30 How the concept for Breathe and Flow was created before Bre and Flo were together.

16:15 What was it like working in the tech world in Silicon Valley to becoming entrepreneurs?

20:00 Finding fulfillment in the service of teaching others yoga.

22:30 Continuing to build the dream, even when no one showed up to class.

28:40 What motivated you to share your message since you didn’t need the money from teaching classes?

30:50 How did you handle conversations with others when you downsized to living in your RV?

33:00 What’s the worst part about living in an RV?

35:30 The move from living in an RV to living out of a backpack.

37:40 What were the biggest challenges you had to handle as a couple when going from RV to backpack?

43:00 How can I push past fear and make a big transition in my own life?

45:00 What is your mission for Breathe and Flo?

48:15 What is dharma? What does it mean to you?

52:30 Have you always had a healthy mindset around what you can create?

55:00 The turning point from being a self proclaimed bad student to being empowered to learn.

58:00 Where has been your favorite place to travel?

01:01:30 What is one book that has the most impact on your life?

01:03:20 What is one habit you need in place to conquer your day?


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The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer


The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

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