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Conquer The Day

Jun 8, 2021

How would your life change if you gave yourself more grace and advocated for yourself? In this powerful episode, we are joined by The Breast Cancer Recovery Coach, Laura Lummer. Laura shares her personal experience receiving the news that she had cancer not once, but twice, lessons she has learned along the way, and how it has impacted her desire to help other women navigating their own journeys with breast cancer. With any challenge we face we are empowered to heal and move forward with the help of community, giving yourself grace to feel all the emotions, advocate for yourself, and take action towards what will be most healing and healthy for you. Tune in for ways we can apply true self-love and self-care practices, not underestimating the power of your thoughts, and live a healthy life!


02:00 How can your lifestyle be used as medicine?

04:40 What was going through your mind when you found out you had cancer?

09:00 Having to google breast cancer treatments.

11:30 Learning and accepting that there are no guarantees.

14:00 What did your process look like coming to terms with your disease and working towards recovery?

17:00 The idea of everything going right back to “normal” ended up being one of the biggest pain points.

21:15 How did your health and body change after chemo and the other treatment you went through?

28:00 Coming to terms with the fact that pushing myself and being unkind to myself was not working.

32:00 The tremendous need for continued support post-recovery.

36:40 Hearing “you have cancer” for the second time.

39:00 Ask yourself, what do I need to do today to heal?

40:40 Choosing the treatments that are in alignment with your beliefs and lifestyle.

42:15 How can I advocate for myself and the treatment I feel is best for me?

46:00 Questions to ask to know whether or not something is right for you.

52:15 The power of being part of a supportive community that understands your experience!

53:40 How did you personally come to grips with this new life?

55:00 Writing a letter saying goodbye to your pre-cancer self.

56:20 How can we work through grief and allow ourselves to feel all the emotions that come up?

59:00 Setting expectations that there will be highs and lows as part of the journey is empowering!

01:01:00 What is your advice for someone trying to work through fear and anger on their own journeys?

01:04:00 How the mentality of being a “warrior” is a disservice can invalidate physical and emotional feelings.

01:07:00 What is in your control and what do you want life to look like regardless of your circumstances?

01:09:00 What is the most important or impactful practice to live a healthy life?

01:09:30 What book has had the biggest impact on your life?

01:09:50 What is your personal paradise?

01:10:10 What is something you need to be able to conquer your day?


Check out this book mentioned in the episode:

Radical Remission by Dr. Kelly Turner


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