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Conquer The Day

Aug 29, 2023

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

What happens when you don’t learn to manage your stress.

The tactics, habits, and practices for restoring your body & your health.

The warning signs of stress and how to combat it head on.


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Show Notes:

If your day to day is causing you stress, then don’t miss this episode! Discover how to restore your health to its fullest potential with today’s featured guest, Vanessa Gilette! Vanessa is the owner & CEO of Vanessa G Fitness and Nutrition, a coaching company that helps women reset their metabolism and restore hormone balance. Today, she’ll share her journey from heavily stressed out business owner to healthy & happy CEO. We will dive into her experiences to learn what happens when we don’t manage our stress properly. As we go, we’ll discuss the necessary tools, tactics, and habits for restoring your health & body so you can find balance in your life. From early warning signs you should be wary of to important mindset pivots to get you through tough transitions, we are covering everything you need to stop ignoring your stress and finally tackle it head on. Transform yourself from stressed to blessed by focusing on your personal and physical growth above all!

01:30 Say hello to today’s special guest, Vanessa Gilette, a Coach, CEO, and Metabolism &  Expert!

03:40 What did a typical day look like during the peak of your work?

08:25 What was causing the stress internally?

13:00 The warning signs of stress.

18:00 How was your mood during this time? How did it progress?

21:20 What was the moment you knew things had to change?

25:25 How did it feel to get the results back?

28:15 How do you step back from your weight loss goal?

34:20 What did you shift your focus to during your period of transition?

38:25 Where are you currently on your journey?

44:00 What was the most important lesson you needed to learn?

45:40 What advice would you give to someone experiencing stress?

48:30 What is one book that has changed your life?

48:55 What is your ideal 10/10 day?

49:35 What is one habit you need to conquer your day?