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Conquer The Day

Jul 25, 2023

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

How to make tough decisions with confidence.

Our guided walkthrough on the decision-making framework.

Self-reflective questions to help you own your decisions.


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Show Notes:

It’s time to cut off indecision once and for all! In this episode, we’re breaking down the framework behind making hard decisions. As we share our recent experience with facing a tough choice, we’ll walk through several self-reflective questions you should always consider. Big or small, hard or easy, the decisions we make leave an impact on our lives. Here’s how you can dig deeper to fully own the decisions you make with confidence and leave the regrets behind! Master your decision-making skills and get to exactly where you need to be!

01:30 Our recent tough decision.

04:15 What was the context behind our decision?

09:25 Why was this decision difficult to make?

13:15 What is your desired outcome?

16:55 Find what you’re afraid of to conquer it.

18:20 How can you mitigate the downsides?

22:20 Who do you need in your corner?

25:50 What will you regret more?

27:35 How can you make hard decisions?