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Conquer The Day

Oct 4, 2022

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

3 main takeaways Brian has from reflecting on this race.

Why Brian decided to do another Ultra Marathon, and differences in his mindset this time.

The power of asking your future self for advice to tune into what really matters.


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Show Notes:

We’re back with more lessons, highs and lows from Brian’s second Ultra Marathon! If you’ve listened to any of our episodes you know how important mindset is to us, and the power of extracting lessons from your life experiences. Being present in the moment and reflecting on your experiences are both great ways to create awareness and apply those lessons! In this episode, we talk about why Brian decided to do this race, how he uses running as an opportunity to check in and strengthen his mindset, and what he learned about himself through the process! Of course, as always we have some fun banter and funny stories to share too! If you haven't heard our episode about Brian’s first Ultra Marathon, tap the link in the  Resources + Links section of the show notes! We’d love to hear from you! Tag us with your biggest takeaway, and something you are doing to challenge yourself to grow mentally, physically, and to truly enjoy life!


02:00 What is an Ultra Marathon?

04:15 What was the trail like?

07:00 How Brian fully immersed himself in nature during the race.

10:30 Why do most people do Ultra Marathons, and why did you decide to do this race?

16:15 The power of gratitude and seeing what you are capable of accomplishing.

21:00 Advice mentors have given me about enjoying life fully.

24:15 If I was 85, what advice would I give myself today?

29:00 The challenges I came up against on the terrain.

35:15 How Brian’s mindset was different from his first Ultra Marathon to this one.

41:15 Red flags that started to show up as Brian kept pushing forward.

44:00 Checking back in on the result Brian wanted to take away from the race.

48:30 Lindsey’s thoughts as she supported Brian through the end of the race.

53:00 Are you seeking validation from others or from yourself?

56:30 What is a takeaway that stands out from this experience?

1:02:00 What was a funny part of the race?