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Conquer The Day

Jun 1, 2021

What is one habit that if changed would make an impact on your day? What impact would it make on your LIFE? As health and wellness coaches, our hosts Brian and Lindsey help clients day in and day out as they are on the journey of mastering the mind and body. Both Brian and Lindsey share their experiences with habits they have wanted to change, how it’s impacted their lives, and how they have been able to simplify that habit-changing process to help others! Tune in and grab their Fit Habit Guide to start the process of changing your mindset, your actions, and habits for good.


01:40 Reviewer of the week!

03:30 Habits are MORE than just what you do.

05:30 Are habits a conscious choice you’re making?

07:00 Know these 4 keys to habits!

10:30 What is the reward I’m chasing?

13:00 What causes procrastination?

15:00 Common misconceptions about habits!

19:40 What was your worst habit that got in the way of your personal health and fitness?

22:30 How were you able to break the habit of mindless eating?

26:40 Why do we struggle to be consistent?

30:00 The first step to breaking a bad habit!

33:15 How can I replace a bad habit with a good one?

38:15 Ways to set yourself up to take action!

39:00 4 Traits of creating a habit!

43:00 The breakdown to BREAK your worst habits!


Check out the Fit Habit Guide


Read this book mentioned in the episode:

Atomic Habits by James Clear




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