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Conquer The Day

Dec 7, 2021

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How to feel your best throughout the holidays and into the New Year!
  • Ways you can set and keep boundaries.
  • How to practice gratitude and be present.

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Show Notes:

The holidays can easily become synonymous with the word “more”. More social engagements, more food, more gifts, making memories, and sometimes with that...more stress. We’re here to not only tell you that it’s possible to ditch stress during the holiday season, but HOW you can do it! We’re sharing 3 ways you can be intentional about how you show up during the holidays in a way that protects your energy, boundaries, and helps you soak in all the wonderful things of the season. We hope you are able to take these 3 things with you during the holidays!


01:40 How can I feel my best during the holidays and into the new year?

04:30 The goal is to feel excited, energized, and passionate about going into the new year.

07:00 What does it look like to take space for yourself?

10:15 How taking time for yourself will benefit every area of your life!

13:15 What is holding you back from setting boundaries?

17:00 Keeping your boundaries after you have set them.

21:40 How can I communicate effectively with those that push my boundaries?

23:20 What the holiday season is about to us!

25:00 Celebrating the season beyond gifts.

26:30 How do you FEEL gratitude?